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FrAnciscan landscapes: the observance between iTaLy, portugAl and Spain



Preliminary Census and Case Studies Mapping

Task_1.1 Identification of case studies: verify and identify case studies through field surveys in order to define the area of intervention and the selection criteria.

Task_1.2 Mapping of case studies: preliminary mapping of case studies, aimed at planning the relevant field activities, and identification of property contacts.

Task_1.3 Identification of the descriptors: preliminary report on the historical, architectural and anthropological features for the structuring of a census system.

Task_1.4 Datasheet census: cataloguing and photographic campaign of all the architectures identified and establishment of an atlas of the characterizing elements.


Historical Documentation: Census and Analyses

Task_2.1 Archive research on historical records: develop accurate research on historical records produced by or related to Franciscan Order in Portuguese, Italian and Castilian archives.
Task_2.2 Historical reconstruction and definition of a timeline: identify the main bibliographic references, analyze, study, digitalize and catalogue the historical archive documentation in order to identify the main evolutionary stages of the Order between Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Task_2.3 Identification of case studies to be deepened: through the study of the history and evolution of the architecture of the order, to identify the case studies that need an adequate deepening.


Digital survey and data processing

Task_3.1 Metric digital survey: development of digital survey campaigns for the acquisition of metric, qualitative and colourimetric data of the architectures identified as case studies to be deepened.
Task_3.2 Creation of a digital database: definition of the parameters and criteria for the structuring of a unitary archive for the collection of digital and analogue data.

Task_3.3 Data processing and development of digital media: elaboration of the data acquired during the surveys and realization of graphic works, representing plants, elevations and sections, and multimedia products of the investigated architectures, such as 3D models, photographs and videos.


Architectural, structural and environmental analysis

Task_4.1 Material and degradation analysis: study of the preservation conditions of buildings and mapping and degradation mapping; study and cataloguing of construction techniques and materials.
Task_4.2 Survey and report of the structural conditions: identification of the main structural problems, study of the causes and development of intervention hypotheses.

Task_4.3 Landscape analysis: architecture analysis in relation to the landscape and the urban context in order to define intervention strategies for their integration within tourist / cultural paths.


Development and management of a GIS

Task_5.1 Structuring of the GIS: identification of the parameters and criteria for the structuring of a GIS valid for Italy, Spain and Portugal through a comparison with the planning tools of local authorities.
Task_5.2 Implementation of data: compilation of the gis: insertion of the collected data and their constant updating. Each monastery will be represented like a georeferenced point on the digital map, linked to its own record in the database, as well as to the images (photographs, pictures and, 3D render).


Development of a virtual museum and App

Task_6.1 User-friendly interface design: interface design; development of a storytelling and an effective graphic interface for the implementation of an application for the dissemination of information collected by the project.
Task_6.2 App development and virtual musealisation: integration of the 3D models and the elaborates produced through the digital survey for the use and understanding of the places and architecture of the Franciscan Order through the App.
Task_6.3 Feedback collection: integration of a feedback system to monitor and collect information through user involvement.


3D Digital Prototyping

Task_7.1 Preparation of 3D models: processing the digital data collected for each case study to obtain 3D models;
Task_7.2 3D printing: adapting the 3D models to their specific aims; manufacturing the 3D models using the adequate printing process; post-processing and printing.


Design Proposal of Cultural Routes

Task_8.1 Cultural route planning: starting from the existing routes and a comparison with stakeholders and inhabitants, new itineraries will be identified through the design of information totems and urban furnishing systems, exploiting cultural and sustainable tourism systems through the promotion of hiking and cycling routes.
Task_8.2 Digital implementation of the cultural route: integration of the material acquired during the project and implementation of the App for the use of digital material within the cultural route.


Dissemination & Communication

Task_9.1 Dissemination plan: the dissemination plan is aimed at directly involving the AP, stakeholders, SMEs and local administrative bodies in order to develop a network within the territory.
Task_9.2 Communication plan: the communication plan aims to updates and communicates the progress and the results of the project.


Coordination and Management and Quality Assurance

Task_10.1 Project management and project meetings: organization of meetings between IPs in order to improve the quality of the project and its activities through a defined action program.
Task_10.2 Project monitoring: monitor the calendar of activities in order to monitor the achievement of results, milestones and compliance with the budget in order to improve the quality of the project through compliance with a monitoring plan.
Task_10.3 Risk management: monitor and solve project risks in order to avoid delays and improve quality of project.
Task_10.4 Financial checks: regular control (every 6 months) of financial summary in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of financial resources.
Task_10.5 Annual reporting: prepare an annual report on the progress (research, impact and financial summary) according to the mandatory template provided by the Conservation, Protection and Use call management.

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