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F-ATLAS International Seminar: un seminario internazionale in remoto di rilievo digitale integrato e rappresentazione dell’Architettura


Federico Ferrari, Anastasia Cottini

DIDA - Dipartimento di Architettura - University of Florence


Roma, capitale d’Italia150 anni dopo. Atti del Convegno ReUSO Roma 2021


The paper deals with the theme of e-learning applied to the area of architectural survey and representation. In particular, the solutions adopted on the occasion of an International Seminar about the Italian-Portuguese-Spanish Franciscan Observance network are illustrated. The Seminar, called ‘F-ATLAS: Digital Survey and representation of Franciscan Observance architecture', was initially planned with teaching in attendance, but had to take place remotely because of the current pandemic situation.
In the paper the positive and negative aspects of e-learning are explained, also in relation to the experience of the seminar, in which the students learnt about topics such as digital survey techniques and the interpretation of data applied to the Cultural Heritage, the study of historical sources, 3D modeling, Digital Fabrication and Mixed Reality experiences, diagnostics and heritage conservation. The teaching methodologies adopted and the results obtained are then showed, with some considerations on their effectiveness.

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