Santissima Annunziata Convent

relevance for the project

It is relevant for environmental issues, it needs restoration works.


The convent of SS Annunziata of Gualdo Tadino rises on the slopes of Monte Serrasanta. This mountain has a history similar to Mount Luco of Spoleto and the Subasio of Assisi for the presence of a group of hermits and the presence of wooded localities rich in natural caves.
In the second half of the 15th century in the surroundings of the current convent stood five ancient hermitages (romitori) not far from each other, which around 1479 were united in a single convent. The Convent of the SS Annunziata was then ceded to the Friars Minor in 1520, who became the heirs and continuators of the lifestyle of the ancient hermits of the Serrasanta.


Gualdo Tadino (PG), Umbria, Italy


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