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Analisi preliminari per la documentazione del Santuario del Beato Antonio Vici a Stroncone: il contributo del rilievo digitale e della termografia


Eugenia Bordini, Sofia Brizzi, Roberta Ferretti

DIDA - Dipartimento di Architettura - University of Florence


Roma, capitale d’Italia150 anni dopo. Atti del Convegno ReUSO Roma 2021


The aim of the European project ‘F-ATLAS: Franciscan Landscapes: Observance be- tween Italy, Portugal and Spain is to investigate the legacy in terms of cultural heri- tage of the Franciscan Observance in Europe. This contribution is a starting point to deepen the study of the Santuario del Beato Antonio Vici in Stroncone. This was one of the first eleven convents belonging to the Franciscan Observance and for a long time it played an important role also due to its position in the territory of southern Um- bria. Over time it has lost its central role and nowadays it is not included in the main Franciscan routes. During this first phase of study, the use of different techniques, made possible to consider many aspects of this complex: trough the laser scanner sur- vey the spaces and surfaces of the chapels of Sant’Antonio Abate and Sant’Antonio da Padova have been metrically analyzed and through the acquisition of high-definition images of the frescoes was possible to obtain the chromatic data. The thermography has been essential for the preliminary analysis of the state of conservation and the phases of construction.

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