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Il Santuario del Sacro Speco di San Francesco a Narni. Rilievo architettonico e ambientale per la comprensione dei rapporti tra architettura e paesaggio


Federico Cioli, Andrea Lumini

DIDA - Dipartimento di Architettura - University of Florence


Roma, capitale d’Italia150 anni dopo. Atti del Convegno ReUSO Roma 2021


The research is part of the European project F-ATLAS - Franciscan Landscapes: the Observance between Italy, Portugal and Spain, which aims to study the Franciscan Observance network in Italy, Spain and Portugal to define an “Atlas” of documenta- tion and knowledge for the conservation, protection and promotion of this worldwide heritage. The contribution explores the case study of the Sanctuary of the Sacro Speco in Narni, which represents an important testimony of the historical and spatial con- nection of the architecture of the Franciscan Observance with the surrounding land- scape. This bond required the development of an architectural and environmental digital survey aimed at understanding the relationships that are established between architecture and landscape. In particular, the integrated laser-scanner and photo- grammetric SfM terrestrial and drone survey campaigns are carried out, which allow to advance the first observations on the historical evolution of the settlement in rela- tion to the events of the Observance movement, and how these can be read not only in the architectural complex, but also in the natural context of the sanctuary.

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