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Paesaggi Francescani: rilievo digitale e documentazione dell’Eremo delle Carceri ad Assisi, Umbria


Stefano Bertocci, Federico Cioli, Anastasia Cottini

DIDA - Dipartimento di Architettura - University of Florence


Simposio Internazionale REUSO 2020. Restauro: temi contemporanei per un confronto dialettico


The paper describes the digital survey and documentation operations of a conventual complex located in Umbria, Italy: Eremo delle Carceri in Assisi. The operations were carried out in the framework of a European research project, called F-ATLAS, implemented by Italy (University of Florence), Portugal (ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Universidade Católica Portuguesa) and Spain (Universitat de Barcelona) and promoted by a Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage (JPICH). The project aims at studying the Italian-Spanish-Portuguese Franciscan Observance network, to define an ‘Atlas’ of documentation and knowledge for conservation, protection and promotion of this scattered Cultural Heritage. The proposal aims at combining traditional and innovative techniques to develop risk assessment methodologies, protocols and tools to create user-friendly interfaces for the management and the enhancement of Cultural Heritage. Digital survey techniques were used (reflex cameras, drones, 360° cameras, laser-scanners), to obtain a reliable documentation which is the basis for further studies, together with an in-depth study of documentary sources.

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