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The first week of work in Umbria, Italy, came to an end.

The Italian team visited and worked in some Franciscan places of worship: Eremo delle Carceri in Assisi, San Bartolomeo convent in Foligno, Santissima Annunziata convent in Gualdo Tadino, San Francesco in Monteluco convent in Spoleto and San Francesco a Monteripido convent in Perugia.

The fieldwork consisted of an analysis of the case studies to make a datasheet census, regarding the history of the complexes and their architectural and surrounding landscapes features. Accurate photographic documentation of all the case studies was taken, with reflex cameras, drones and 360° cameras, along with a laser-scanner digital survey of Eremo delle Carceri.

Such material will serve as a base for further studies on these complexes and on similar ones, in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The main goals now are to find other case studies, to make comparisons from an architectural and a historical point of view (also by consulting archival sources), and to understand what the possible structural and environmental issues are, in order to make a comprehensive project that correlates all the complexes, physically and ideally.


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