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21.02.2022-28.02.2022: The second week of digital survey operations in Spain came to an end. The operations are part of Work Package 3, the objectives of which are: defining operational protocols for the documentation and digital survey of the architecture of the Franciscan Order, implementation of digital surveys, and structuring of the archives.

A survey campaign was conducted by the Italian team from the University of Florence and by the Spanish team from the University of Barcelona. Instruments such as laser-scanners, (reflex and drone) cameras and GNSS antennas were used in Convento Franciscano de Chelva, Valencia.

The primitive convent (fig. above) was established in the XIV century and it was the first one founded by the Franciscan Observance in Spain. Today the caves of the hermit monks are still preserved.

The church of San Francisco, attached to the new convent (fig. below), dates back to the XVI century. The conventual buildings underwent numerous renovations until the first years of the XX century. Currently they no longer house any member of the Franciscan community.


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