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The "RESOURCES" tab has been updated with "F-ATLAS WEBMAP" sub-section:

- In "cluster WebMap" mode, it is possible to view the interactive map with all the case-studies analysed in Italy, Portugal and Spain;

- In "extended filters WebMap" mode, it is possible to query the map according to preset filters, such as the year of settlement of the Observant community, the state of conservation of the church and the conventual dependencies, the constraints of protection, and the location.

The "RESOURCES" > "MAJOR CASE-STUDIES" tab has been updated with three sub-sections: "ITALIAN CASE-STUDIES", "PORTUGUESE CASE-STUDIES", "SPANISH CASE-STUDIES". They contain short information sheets about the history, localisation and the reasons that make the case-study relevant to the project, along with a photogallery, of several case-studies.


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