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La Romita di Cesi

relevance for the project

It is relevant for architectural and environmental issues and for touristic routes.
In 1374 it was donated to Paoluccio Trinci.


Here, among the ravines of the mountain, there was a hermitage where, probably, in the fourth century, had withdrawn the Syrian bishops Proculus and Volusianus saints and next to which the Benedictines erected a chapel that was to serve as a refuge for a small community of monks and as a place of worship for pastors who moved seasonally in the territory.
The church, dedicated to the Annunciation, had the same dimensions as the Porziuncola of Assisi, and gradually, the body of the convent grew in size and importance. The presence of friars was thus increased in time to reach even the thirty presences, and it was necessary to enlarge the conventual body in successive phases. In 1420 San Bernardino da Siena also arrived, whose work is due to its current appearance.
It had a sacristy, a refectory, a small cloister and a good library. There were usually five priests, four lay brothers and novices.
It owned a large forest without the cloister, with some gardens sufficient to meet the needs of the religious, all surrounded by walls to defend them from animals.
Since 1956, after being used for various purposes, mainly colonial, it has been neglected. In 1991, Fr. Bernardino Greco contracted a loan with the owners of the hermitage; the structure, after many years of neglect, was entirely covered with brambles. Fr. Bernardino brought it to light in its primitive beauty and made it a place to welcome groups of faithful who wish to rediscover the Franciscan charism through prayer and work.


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Narni (TR), Umbria, Italy

12.576978, 42.640265


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