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15.02.2021-18.02.2021: The first week of digital survey operations in Umbria, Italy, came to an end. The operations are part of Work Package 3, the objectives of which are: defining operational protocols for the documentation and digital survey of the architecture of the Franciscan Order, implementation of digital surveys and structuring of the archives. The Italian team visited and worked in an relevant Franciscan place of worship: Basilica Papale di Santa Maria degli Angeli in Porziuncola, in Assisi, Perugia. The fieldwork consisted of an analysis of the case study to make a datasheet census, regarding the history of the complex and its architectural and surrounding landscape features.

A laser-scanner digital survey was made of the external and internal spaces of the Basilica and the Porziuncola, to obtain a 3D point-cloud.

An accurate photographic campaign of the case study was taken, with reflex cameras and 360° cameras, in order to achieve complete documentation of the Basilica and some photogrammetric models.

The raw data will be processed in the next months to get 3D models and 2D representations of the buildings. Such material will also serve as a base for further studies on this complex - for example, to better understand the buildings' stratigraphy. #jpi #jpich #jpich2019 #fatlas #franciscanlandscapes #franciscan #landscapes #culturalheritage #religiousarchitecture #horizon2020 #umbria #umbriatourism #ofm #fieldwork #assisi #perugia #franciscanconvent #convent #laserscannersurvey #photogrammetry #santamariadegliangeli #porziuncola


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